Punch,  47 (1864), 166.

Astrology at Fault (To Zadkiel Tao Tze)



Poetry, Drollery


Astrology, Meteorology, Prognostication, Charlatanry, Reason, Quackery

    Thinks that like his 'next year's Almanac', Zadkiel is 'just out', because he 'ne'er divined the drought'. Proceeds to argue that if Zadkiel could 'foretell' the weather 'by the stars' then he could 'prophesy' events too, but that the latter could only be trusted if they were based on 'rational pretence' rather than 'transparent impudence'. However, since Zadkiel cannot 'See if the Seasons will be wet or dry', his Alamanac will only trusted by simpletons. Zadkiel is proclaimed a 'quack'.

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