Punch,  47 (1864), [199].

Medium and Re-Medium

J T *


Illustration, Drollery

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J T *


Spiritualism, Imposture, Gender, Commerce, Supernaturalism, Magic, Cultural Geography, Race, Politics

    This illustration shows two juxtaposed scenes from which the reader is invited to see similarities. In one scene, a woman medium is seen handling bags of money and she sits near the tools of her trade: 'spirit' hands on the end of an extendable wire frame and an accordion. The caption from the 'English Papers' relates the large amounts of money spiritualists make from 'duping fools into the belief that they see supernatural performances'. In the other scene, an Irish witch sits in a gloomy prison cell. The caption from the 'Irish Papers' indicates that she was found guilty of 'pretending to show apparitions to her ignorant dupes' and has been punished.

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