Punch,  47 (1864), 241.

The Wonders of Modern Travel  [2/3]



Serial, Notes, Drollery


Railways, Travel, Accidents, Engineering, Psychology

    This article contains a long list of anxieties suffered by a railway traveller, each of which begins with the word 'Wonder'. Divided into anxieties about the 'Journey', the 'First Station', the 'Refreshment-Room', the 'Platform', and the 'Carriage', these include such worries as 'Wonder what makes the carriage wiggle-waggle about so', 'Wonder if we're going off the line', 'Wonder if any one understands what the guard says', 'Wonder if that is our bell', 'Wonder which is my carriage', 'Wonder, being safely in my seat, that there are no more accidents from people crossing the rails in a large station', and 'Wonder if the engine has broken down'.

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