Punch,  47 (1864), 88.

Dannle George on the Drought



Poetry, Drollery


Meteorology, Prognostication, Astrology, Charlatanry

    Written to represent a Scottish speaker, opens by pondering the reasons for 'This here long drought' and why 'the larned can't explaain' it. Turning to the weather prophets of the day, asks Robert Fitzroy 'How long 'twool last' and whether 'Zadkiel' (Richard J Morrison) can 'voretell' the 'weather by the stars' as he does for 'Plags, earthquaaks, vamuns, wars'. Resolves that in future he will not rely on Zadkiel or Francis Moore and that while the 'Earth cracks wi' thurst' he will quench his with 'a quart o' beer'.

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