Punch,  48 (1865), 9.

A Proclamation



Announcement, Spoof


Periodicals, Publishing, Language, Zoology, Zoological Gardens, Extinction, Chemistry, Methodology

Institutions mentioned:

Wombwell's menagerie

    Calls on writers and statesmen to stop using, for 'public edification, enlightenment, amusement, or instruction [...] several persons, creatures, and things' which are judged to be 'exhausted, threadbare, stale, and hackneyed', and which are specified in an annexed list. This includes 'The British Lion', which it is claimed will be gratefully accepted by the Zoological Society Gardens, and the 'Couleur de Rose', which is 'Very much faded' and is being replaced by an alternative to be identified by the Royal Society of Chemistry and others. The phrase of Francis Bacon (1st Viscount St Alban), 'Knowledge is Power', is judged to be 'quite reasty, having been served up to every Mechanics' Institute in the three Kingdoms'.

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