Punch,  48 (1865), 139.

Swains and Sparrows at Shipley





Natural History, Cruelty, Ornithology, Education, Class, Periodicals, Extinction

Institutions mentioned:

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    Discusses a report in the East Sussex Gazette illustrating 'The ignorance of natural history disgracing the rustics who till the soil of certain parts of England', including their apparent belief that 'the cuckoo changes into a sparrow hawk'. The report reveals that despite Punch's campaign, members of the Shipley Sparrow Club persist in exhibiting thousands of heads of sparrows and believe that their actions have not caused a 'scarcity of birds'. Calls on the 'local gentry' to impart the 'requisite instruction' to 'such louts' concerning the increase in agricultural pests caused by their murderous actions. Suggests establishing a 'Clodhopper's Institution' were such rustics could receive lectures on ornithology, although believes a 'Caterpillar Club', in opposition to the Sparrow Club, would be more effective, for preserving sparrows and destroying pests.

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