Punch,  48 (1865), 154.

Guide to the Quacks of London





Quackery, Commerce, Imposture, Periodicals, Reading

    Begins by urging readers to read Courtenay 1865, which is the republication of several articles originally appearing in the Medical Circular. The author attacks those quacks who advertise in 'low newspapers' and praises the fact that the pamphlet meets his demand for 'a nominal list of these miscreants'. Notes that the foul deeds of quacks are 'fully set forth' in the pamphlet and goes on to explain that the Medical Circular 'has a great advantage over a non-medical journal' because it can expose quacks 'without incurring the danger of an action for libel'. Criticizes the British legal system for making it so easy for quacks to 'plead their cause' and receive damages, but points out that no such outcome can be expected by attacking 'a periodical almost restricted to the medical profession'. Concludes by suggesting that readers should not read the pamphlet as a warning to themselves so much as a means of warning the 'simpletons' with whom they are acquainted.

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