Punch,  48 (1865), 175.

An Old Friend with a New Face





Health, Disease, Cultural Geography, Religion

    Begins by pondering the commotion amongst 'good people', in particular the 'M.D.'s in hot haste note-taking', and 'Local Government and Nuisance' who are so 'eager to brush clean' statutes. The author reveals that he is the reason for this activity, and identifies himself as 'your old friend, Typhus', who has had a 'poor' harvest in Russia but expects a much better one in England. Explains that he is 'Yearly, 'mongst your homes I'm rife as / In St. Petersburg's black ciphers', and that he is carrying through 'God's work', 'smiting selfishness with scourges, / Wherewith from Plagues wasting surges / Retribution's hand emerges, / And Christ's lasting lesson urges, / 'Do as you'd be doe unto'.

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