Punch,  48 (1865), 262.

Punch's Essence of Parliament



Regular Feature, Proceedings, Drollery


Patents, Invention, Environmentalism, Government, Politics

Institutions mentioned:

Houses of Parliament

    Reports on Edward J Stanley (2nd Baron Stanley), the 'Chairman of the Patent Law Commission', who doubts the viability of the patent system. Notes Mr Punch's view that 'The word Patent means Open. The system of Patents is to shut up inventions and inventors. Ergo, the system is a self-contradictory absurdity'. Later notes the 'Forest debate' and adds that 'it is quite clear that the Crown neglects its forestal rights, and that lords of manors and others encroach in all directions'. Urges that 'a man of sense' take up the matter in the next parliamentary session and show that forests have been stolen by 'Sir Tunbelly Clumsy, country gentleman, by Mr. Smirker Steelyard, manufacturer, and by James Poacher, squatter'.

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