Punch,  5 (1843), 224.

The Brightish Association: Section C—Geology and Physical Geography  [3/6]



Serial, Proceedings, Spoof


Societies, Geology, Physical Geography

    A parody of the activities of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Reveals that the 'Geology and Physical Geography Section' is presided over by Sir Grey Whackie and has vice-presidents, Professors Hämmer and Töngs. Reports on Mr Sappy's paper, 'proving the impossibility of being able to see into the middle of next week, from known facts with regard to the Equation of Time'. Sappy concludes from his paper that having sailed round the world, a 'sailor [...] finds himself to be "a man in advance of his age" by one day'. The 'Report of the Committee on Earthquakes in Ireland' describes fears that an 'irruption' would break out in 'Conquer Hill' near Dublin. Mr Cole Vane's paper 'On the Geology of Hearts' reveals, for example, that a lawyer's heart was 'of the trap formation', and that the heart of a habitual drunkard was 'changed entirely into quartz'.

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