Punch,  50 (1866), 161.

Examination Papers

Sampson Agonistes Swipes, M.D


Letter, Spoof


Education, Medical Practitioners, Language, Disease, Anatomy, Ancient Authorities

    Noting Mr Punch's interest in 'the edifying array of ponderous, octosyllabic learning with which certain of our medical teachers here are wont to garnish the Examination paper set before their admiring pupils', draws attention to a paper read 'to one of our famed Medical Societies' on 'ANENCEPHALATROPHIA' or 'the wasting of a non-existent Brain'. Believes this discredits the Hippocratic dictum, 'ex nihilo nihil fit' (out of nothing, nothing comes) but supports the 'more congenial doctrine of 'similis similibus gaudet' (the same will rejoice in the same).

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