Punch,  50 (1866), [221].

Tinct: Reform: Comp:

John Tenniel *


Illustration, Drollery

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J T *


Medical Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Government

    Shows William E Gladstone as a chemist and druggist, standing behind the counter of his shop. On the counter rest some of the tools of his trade (including a mortar and pestle) but also some large bottles labelled with 'Extension of Franchise' and 'Redistribution of Seats'—highly distasteful medicines to some. Gladstone hands a bottle marked 'Reform' to Benjamin Disraeli, who hesitates before accepting it. In the caption, Gladstone advises Disraeli to 'take it at once; the more you look at it, the worse you'll like it'. The title of the illustration parodies the way in which chemists and druggists denote the composition of pharmaceuticals.

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