Punch,  51 (1866), 150.

The Augean Stable—Inside as Well as Out. (Respectfully Dedicated to Lord Shaftesbury and the Social Science Association





Telegraphy, Pollution, Disease, Public Health, Human Development, Class, Government, Education

    Likening the homes of the nation's poor to the filthy and spreading Augean Stables of legend, the author looks behind the whitewashed exterior to the appalling interiors of these hovels, where there is 'Slime overhead, filth under-foot', 'abused' youths, 'Sex of its graces shorn: / Infancy poisoned in its bud', sewage poisoning towns instead of feeding the land, 'Vice, Drunkenness, and Woe', and 'All forms of ill that Body kill, / Dwarf Heart, and dwindle Mind'.

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