Punch,  51 (1866), 165.

Artemus Ward in London  [7/8]

Artemus Ward, pseud.  [[Charles F Browne]] *


Letter, Spoof, Serial

Relevant illustrations:



D M, pseud.  [George L P B Du Maurier] *


Zoological Gardens, Societies, Animal Behaviour

    The initial letter of the text forms part of an illustration showing an elephant with its trunk tied around the bar of its cage. Having expressed disappointment at not being invited to participate in the Social Science Congress, Ward explains that he was intending to read 'a Essy on Animals' to the congress. Boasts that he understands 'animals better than any other class of human creatures' owing to his 'career as a showman, more especial bears, wolves, leopards, and serpunts'. Proceeds to describe his hapless attempts to train leopards and a bear.


Browne 1870

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