Punch,  51 (1866), 185.

Artemus Ward in London  [8/8]

Artemus Ward *


Letter, Spoof, Serial


Museums, Animal Development, Human Development, Politics, Amusement

    Describes his visit to the British Museum, which he praises as 'a magnif'cent free show for the people' that is 'kept open for the benefit of all'. He first visits the stuffed animals and pays particular attention to the 'gorillers', which he regards as 'simple-minded monsters' from 'Afriky' that are 'believed to be human beins to a slight extent, altho' they are not allowed to vote'. He proceeds to the giraffe and explains some of the advantages of having a long distance between the mouth and stomach, and later observes somebody trying to feed a stuffed elephant with a cold muffin.


Browne 1870

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