Punch,  51 (1866), 15.

Under the Sea! Under the Sea!

Navigans in Sicco


Letter, Spoof; Song, Spoof


Engineering, Transport, Steamships, Travel, Disease

    Begins by welcoming John Hawkshaw's proposal to construct a tunnel under the English Channel. Calls for advertisements to be 'got ready at once' bearing the message 'NO MORE SEA-SICKNESS!'. Suggests numerous features to be placed in the tunnel, including trees, a hotel, fresh water lakes and birds, and envisages that the tunnel could be made of glass so that passengers could see 'the wonders of the deep outside'. Concludes by hoping that Hawkshaw's '"boring" will be satisfactory' and as a postscript adds a song which further praises the advantages of the tunnel over Channel crossings by sea.

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