Punch,  51 (1866), 222.

Zadkiel's Own Future





Astrology, Prognostication, Charlatanry

    Discusses a Globe article on Zadkiel's [i.e. Richard J Morrison's] predictions for 1867, including the prediction that in September several members of the British and European royal families will be at risk. Analyses what it claims to be Zadkiel's 'own horoscope for 1867' in a burlesque of the predictions made by the astrologer. It claims, for example, that 'In February, he will be cut shaving' and 'In October, the stars seem to indicate a treacherous calm, which will end in November when he [Zadkiel] will fall over a coal-skuttle'. Ironically suggests that these predictions make the astrologer 'a subject for tolerance and compassion'.

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