Punch,  51 (1866), 236–37.

Happy Thoughts  [20/39]

[Francis C Burnand]


Diary, Spoof, Serial


Astronomy, Observation, Travel, Navigation, Animal Husbandry, Disease

    The narrator records that, during a night journey by carriage through Devonshire, he observed the stars and wondered how 'African travellers' in deserted places 'guide themselves by stars', and notes that Paul B Du Chaillu 'says he did it' in his book (a reference to Du Chaillu 1861a) (236). Records his limited knowledge of constellations and the difficulty that sailors must have in navigating by the stars. Later, after a conversation with the flyman about crops and flooding in Devonshire, he attempts to 'Get some statistics' about cattle plague in the area (237).


Burnand 1868

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