Punch,  51 (1866), 31.

The Needle-Gun





Military Technology, War

    Sung to the tune of 'The Dog's Meat Man', this song begins by praising the formidable power of the new 'Prussian Rifle', a weapon that 'Has to be loaded at the breech; / Five times for each mouth-loader's one' and which can 'knock over men like fun'. Proceeds to explain how the gun gave Prussia a 'murderous advantage' in its recent war with the 'Danish states', and warns of the dangers posed by the weapon for a similar invasion of England by a 'tyrant-thief'. Notes how the weapon helped Prussia's 'execution [...] upon Austria' and concludes by questioning whether England can equal this weapon and by warning that the 'skill at Wimbledon' (see PU1/51/3/3) is not enough to withstand the new gun.

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