Punch,  51 (1866), 32.

A Workhouse Reform Bill Wanted





Utilitarianism, Class, Politics, Government, Crime, Health, Disease, Nutrition, Animal Behaviour, Cultural Geography, Medical Treatment, Medical Practitioners

    Noting the fall from office of the 'champion of Reformers', William E Gladstone, argues that 'though nothing can be done now towards reforming of the House [of Commons], surely something may be done towards reforming of the Workhouse'. Laments the fact that in England 'we really treat our paupers worse far worse than our criminals', comparing the 'half starved' paupers to the well-fed 'gaol-birds'. Condemns the governors of workhouses and the practice of killing the poor in 'foul rooms' as behaviour comparable to that found in 'savage nations'. Hopes the 'Tory besoms' that form the new government will 'sweep clean' the workhouses and ensure that the poor are given better food and medical treatment by competent and sober nurses.

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