Punch,  52 (1867), [149].

Extremes Must Meet; or, A Bit of Practical Science

J T, pseud.  [John Tenniel] *


Caricature, Drollery

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J T, pseud.  [John Tenniel] *


Politics, Electricity, Instruments, Physics, Scientific Practitioners

    Shows Professor D—r—i (Benjamin Disraeli) as a natural philosopher standing in front of a low table on which stands a large Leyden Jar labelled 'Reform'. Behind the professor are other instruments associated with his electrical interests including an electrostatic generator and some cells. The professor speaks to two experimental subjects, one of whom holds a wire connected to the outside of the jar, the other moves his hand towards the knob connected to the inside of the jar. The experimental subjects are dressed as representatives of the upper and lower classes and therefore of different points on view on the question of reform. Nonetheless, the professor urges them to 'complete the circle, positive and negative must join hands', a satire on Disraeli's belief that his reform measures depend on collaboration between the extremists on this question.

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