Punch,  52 (1867), 167.

Some More Things Not Exhibited at the Paris Exhibition





Exhibitions, Nationalism, Commerce, Manufactories, Transport, Steam-power, Light, Horticulture, Invention

    Notes that some people have not attended the Exposition Universelle (1867), Paris, on the grounds that so much of the space is 'still left empty' owing to the difficulty that some nations have faced in transporting their goods. Boasts that 'England on the whole looks very well in the gasometer [a reference to the shape of the exhibition building]' and that the Punch trophy is attracting 'a vast crowd of admirers'. Laments several omissions in the catalogue and lists some of them. These include 'A specimen of roadway, macadamised upon the English plan of using costly-carriage wheels in lieu of cheap steam-rollers', and 'Half a dozen patent sunbeams' extracted from cucumbers.

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