Punch,  52 (1867), 173.

A Little Light Upon the Gas Reform Bill





Light, Industry, Commerce, Chemistry,

    Begins by emphasising Mr Punch's desire 'to see the best gas supplied at the least price that can possibly be charged for it' and noting that given that making 'bottled sunshine is all moonshine', gas is 'the cheapest light'. Proceeds to describe how this 'necessity of life' has been debated in the House of Commons where the Conservatives have introduced the 'liberal' bill for reducing the price and regulating the quality of gas. Discusses a report in The Times of the parliamentary discussion which suggests that the new bill would mean reducing the dividends allowed to gas companies and thus breaching the contract between Parliament and the gas companies. Shares The Times's angry view that the bill would mean the depreciation of investments in the company without compensation, and thus an 'Act of confiscation' by the government.

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