Punch,  52 (1867), 196.

A Parody Upon a Parasite



Song, Drollery


Parasitology, Amusement, Human Development, Microscopy, Class, Cultural Geography

    Sung to the tune of 'The Ivy Green', this begins by describing the snug and 'dainty' habitation provided by chignons for gregarine parasites, species that are 'save by a microscope, seen' and which, as the chorus chants, creep 'where 'tis not quite clean'. Goes on to note how such parasites move between different heads—from the 'skull of a serf' in a 'foul-smelling Russian back-slum' to the head of an 'English beauty'—and 'tho' lowly his birth', the parasite gains 'a free entrance [...] To the highest society here' where he sleeps in the chignon until woken during a dance.

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