Punch,  52 (1867), [xii].

The Idle Apprentice

C H B, pseud.  [Charles H Bennett] *


Illustration, Drollery

Relevant illustrations:

wdct. [15]


C H B, pseud.  [Charles H Bennett] *


Industry, Commerce, Railways, Transport, Crime, Charlatanry

    Depicts the story of Sam, an 'idle boy', who makes money by 'bri-bing and cor-rup-ting ho-nest e-l-ec-tors' (a reference to bribery and corruption during elections in 1866) and who adds to his fortunes as 'contrac-tor for the A B C Rail-way' (a reference to Samuel M Peto who was contractor for the bankrupted London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Company). The illustrations then depict the story of Tom, the 'Industrious Apprentice' who plods his way through life but, despite making 'a fortune', in 'old age' invested his money in 'Sam's Railway' which, on going bankrupt, could not redeem Tom's debentures. This is a further allusion to the London, Chatham, and Dover company which failed to pay its debenture holders.

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