Punch,  52 (1867), 42.

Hit Him Hard!

Tom Tough, HMS Boxer


Letter, Spoof


Military Technology, Steamships, War, Nationalism

Institutions mentioned:

Royal Navy

    Written from the perspective of a slightly illiterate and bluff seaman, this letter is addressed to 'Mr Punch, at the Head of the Fleet', whom the author urges to 'fight well no matter whether it Be with Frigates or with Fistes', and that they should 'hit hard' and 'stand Punishment'. He praises William Palliser's 'Chil'd shot' and its ability to penetrate 'Oak and Iron like a Flash of virtuous indignation', remarking 'Ain't it Wonderful what Science can Do when stimulated By pluck and patted on the Back by the 1st Lords of the Admiralty'. Concludes that the Navy's use of copper shield and fast shots confirms that Britannia 'rules the Waves as heretofore', but in a postscript asks why none of the ships that 'mrs. england' is always buying is fit for action.

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