Punch,  52 (1867), 42.

Ozone (An Ode to Meteorological Observers)





Meteorology, Gas Chemistry, Chemistry, Disease, Health, Language

    Begins by pondering the connotations of ozone and then notes that it is 'An essence rare', although 'Not much about it is known'. Describes how 'Each weather-sage' records 'in his log' the amount of ozone as well as 'Cloud, mist and fog' and suggests that since an excess or deficit of the substance are 'shown' to have effects on health, it could be the cause of the ailments—such as the 'shagreen' character of the skin—associated with cold weather. Concludes by considering the possibility that 'plague and pest' and people's low spirits might be due to the sepulchrally sounding ozone.

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