Punch,  53 (1867), 95.

Icolmkill to the Rescue!




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Archaeology, Environmentalism, Phrenology, Natural History, Botany

    The initial letter forms part of an illustration showing a bespectacled chimpanzee crouching down reading a book. The text describes a report of the defacement of ancient monuments on the island of Iona. Punch responds by telling Cornelius Donovan that it wishes phrenology were 'as trustworthy in its practical application as its extreme professors maintain' because then there could be 'phrenological experts' hired to prevent people from landing on Iona unless endowed with 'a reasonably well developed organ of Veneration'. Attacks the naturalists who were reported to have 'picked away at the cement' of a sacred building on the island, suggesting that each of them 'would not scruple to "peep and botanise upon his mother's grave"'. Concludes by suggesting that the Archaeological Society should seek to get a statute enacted protecting the ruins.

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