Punch,  53 (1867), 116.

The Day of Congresses





Societies, Controversy, Morality, Electricity, Zoology, Meteorology, Geology, Biology, Human Development, Evolution, Darwinism, Animal Behaviour, Nationalism, Politics, Political Economy, Religion

    Begins by relishing the 'wonderful world' in which 'liberty everywhere loosens each tether', solidarity reigns amongst men, chaff is 'threshed' out of fallacies, the 'back-bone of truth' is made 'notably stiffer', theories are 'fearlessly clashed', and 'Creeds and crafts, all in Congress' agree to differ. Proceeds to describe the range of subjects explored by the philosophers at the Dundee meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Notes the range of 'ologies', artefacts, the people 'Pro Darwin or contra, for man or for monkey', and John Lubbock, who makes 'induction the one key' to man and targets all 'orthodox points'. Suggests that 'if seekers of truth have to loggerheads gotten', then it is 'No wonder' that 'workers for bread' from different countries should have 'dissolved in a fight' during their Peace Congress in Geneva, or that bishops should be fighting each other at the Pan-Anglican Synod.

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