Punch,  53 (1867), 173.

A Few Friends. (From My Photograph Book). Tableau V.—My Friend—(Continued)  [9/25]



Diary, Spoof, Serial


Manufactories, Industry, Machinery, Utilitarianism, Health

    Includes a description of the visit of the narrator and his 'funny friend' to a textile factory where the former conducts his official governmental inspection work. On entering a room where 'young women are hard at work on flax', the narrator pays close attention to a large shaft which provides power to the 'whizzing machines' operated by the women. He quizzes the factory foreman on why the shaft is not encased in several places, to which the foreman replies that 'it's been the same every time' and that he 'never noticed it before'. The party move into a room where there is 'more whirring of wheels' and 'pale men' keep a 'sharp look out for bits of thread'. The narrator questions a 'little boy' about his conditions of work and although the child 'answers satisfactorily' he wishes to 'see the Entry Book' to check.

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