Punch,  53 (1867), 74.

A Petition to Parliament Out-of-Doors





Politics, Government, Hunting, Extinction, Environmentalism, Pollution

    Begins by noting that most members of the House of Commons have 'Gone [...] upon the moors' where they shoot birds, 'beasts of chase', and other animals. Proceeds to lament the disappearance of several cherished species including the badger, fox, kite, buzzard, sparrow-hawk, raven, and bittern. Condemns those who hunt these animals for food as 'Philistines' and laments the way that common land is 'narrowing day by day', thanks to 'vile builders' and 'Ye Legislators' whose 'detested Bills' legitimate such encroachments on 'England's few wilds'. Concludes by calling for the preservation of 'the greenwoods and the flowers / Our fathers knew' as well as the 'game, ye landed Powers, / And vermin too'.

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