Punch,  54 (1868), 174.

Woman's Strength and Weakness





Gender, Psychology, Mental Illness, Disease, Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Religious Authority, Religion

    Written from the perspective of a bachelor, this links a variety of female maladies to hysteria. Explains that women's tendency to 'laugh or cry / Without reason why' and to indulge in violent actions is attributable to hysteria. Similarly, believes that hysteria is responsible for a woman's cunning and ability 'to feign [...] without her will', as well as her 'prophetic fits', her obedience to mesmeric and spiritualistic forces, and her subordination to the will of 'divines' and 'Ritualism'. Concludes by wishing that his future wife be content with her husband and his intention to 'avert her from that dire disease, / Hysteria'.

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