Punch,  54 (1868), 251.

The Horse Show





Animal Husbandry, Animal Behaviour, Zoology, Exhibitions, Display, Nutrition, Breeding,

    The author discusses his visit to the fifth annual horse show at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, an experience that benefits 'the real admirer of the noble brute'. Argues that contemplating horses in this way 'must have its due effect on those heartless utilitarians' who eat horses and thereby 'degrade the horse to the level of the dinner-table'. Notes that a 'grim suggestion' of an equine version of the 'sausage machine' was on display, but hopes the day of booming markets for horse flesh are far distant. Upholds the importance of the show as a means of improving 'the quadruped himself' and displaying horses of a variety of 'shapes and sizes'. Describes and criticises some of the decisions made by the show's judges, attacks the barbarous practice of shortening horse's tails, and praises the 'behaviour of the animals in their stalls and boxes'.

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