Punch,  54 (1868), 272.

An Amalgamated Sage Union





Societies, Ethnology, Anthropology, Controversy, Phrenology, Geology, Palaeontology, Evolution, Human Development, Darwinism, Analogy, Boundary Formation

    A response to proposals to amalgamate the Ethnological Society and the Anthropological Society, and the bewildering number of 'ologies' with which they are associated. Begins by describing the differences and similarities between the societies, noting that the Anthropological Society 'contains / Believers in Phrenology' although both use 'old remains / Unearthed by new geology', both clash with 'popular theology' and 'smash / The old received chronology', and both exploit physiology and philology. Explains that their subject matter is closely 'allied' with zoology, and that it embraces '"Our poor relations", apes' as well as palaeontology. Concludes by stressing that members of the societies 'dispute / This precious genealogy' and their 'own analogy', but expects Thomas H Huxley will urge the societies to unite to 'cease their alogy'.

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