Punch,  55 (1868), 241.

Odd Men Out.—The Man with a Nose—He Merges into the Genus "Livery-Man"  [19/23]



Essay, Drollery, Serial


Disease, Health, Nutrition, Physiology, Pharmaceuticals, Psychology

    Describes the characteristics of Puttyk, a male human with a nose capable of remarkable sounds, muscular tension, membraneous irritation, and pressure on the nervous system. His nasal deformity interferes with his progress at university and cause interruptions at theatres. Explains how Puttyk converses with medical friends and reads 'medical treatises', after which he is convinced that his nasal 'nuisance' is caused by his liver. Adds that he made this discovery while working as a 'perambulating druggist's shop', a trade which reflects the number of pills secreted about his person and his perpetual hypochondria. Describes how Puttyk's 'chronic state of poisoning and antidote' affects his eating habits and causes him to seek antidotes to dishes.

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