Punch,  55 (1868), 41.

Punch's Essence of Parliament



Regular Feature, Proceedings, Drollery


Railways, Transport, Progress, Government, Politics, Pharmaceuticals, Narcotics

    Opens by lamenting the trouble caused by railways. Believes the return to horses and coaches would be advantageous and is adamant that 'the system is a failure'. Notes the various remarks made by peers (including Henry Labouchere (1st Baron Taunton), John T F Mitford (2nd Baron Redesdale), and Robert A T G Cecil (3rd Marquess of Salisbury)) regarding railway fares and financial arrangements. Later notes hostility towards the Admiralty for supplying the Royal Navy with ships that are 'good for nothing'. Notes Lord Henry C G G Lennox's defence of the Admiralty and his promise of 'two-turret ships'. Notes the continuation of the committee stage of the 'Bill for interfering with the sale of poisons'. Thinks there are 'some good things in the Bill' and promises to 'get the Professor whom we keep on the premises to analyse it' (this could be a reference to the regular Punch contributor Percival Leigh, who was affectionately called 'the Professor' by his fellow contributors).

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