Punch,  55 (1868), 76.

Zadkiel on the Past



News-Commentary, Drollery


Astrology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Prognostication, Charlatanry, Politics

    Begins by relishing news that 'Meteorologists have questioned whether the moon has anything to do with the weather' and emphasising the woefully inaccurate predicition in Zadkiel's Monthly Almanac of 'Much rain' in August. Sarcastically infers that Zadkiel's accuracy in predicting the weather suggests his 'exactness' regarding other predictions. Insists that he has 'distanced' Merlin and 'the lucidity of clairvoyance' insofar as he has accurately predicted the total eclipse of the sun (which is easily predicted) and retrospectively predicted the overthrow of King Kassai Theodore of Abyssinia.

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