Punch,  55 (1868), 73.

Heat and Drink

A Busman


Letter, Spoof


Heat, Nutrition, Disease, Health

    Written from the perspective of a 'corpylent' Cockney driver of an omnibus, this letter begins with the author complaining that in his work he 'suffers pretty much from a 'ot summer' and asking for 'adwice how I'm to keep myself in 'ealth'. Proceeds to relate how a 'gen'lman' warned him that it was drink rather than heat that 'urts you' and presents an extract from the British Medical Journal (quoted by the 'gen'lman') which argues that 'light wines' rather than 'alcoholic liquors' are the most suitable beverage in hot weather. The author dismisses this, insisting that as a 'true Briton' he 'must 'ave my beer', and deems 'light wines' only suitable for 'foreigners'.

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