Punch,  56 (1869), 109.

Gulls by Sea and Land





Government, Politics, Ornithology, Hunting, Commerce

Institutions mentioned:

Stock Exchange

    Presents reasons why, 'When we're drawing a Bill to save sea-birds', there should be a bill for 'protecting the Gulls in the City'. Playing on the similarity between ornithological and financial terminology, complains about the 'poor Gulls', 'lame ducks', and 'poor geese' who have been hit by the rise and fall of share values. Notes that 'puffin' is enjoyed equally by poachers in the City (who like puffing) and the 'snobs who hit fowl on the Coast'. Argues that 'land-gulls'' eggs should be protected as much as seagulls' eggs, that we should stop 'unfledged landgulls' risking their necks with 'paper-wings', just as we protect young seagulls who cannot fly, and suggests having a 'close' time for both land and seagulls.

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