Punch,  56 (1869), [ix].

Scenes from Animal Life

D M *


Illustration, Drollery

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wdct. [3]


D M *


Animal Behaviour, Animal Development, Hunting, Transport

    Shows three scenes in which animals enact the conversations and rituals of humans. In 'Vulpine Sagacity', a mother and father fox hold their young in their arms, the father fox telling his wife to 'chuck that cub into the water!' and to come indoors. He explains that 'the most punctillious attention to personal cleanliness' is the best way of baffling their 'natural enemies, the hounds'. 'Wise Counsel' shows a conversation between a rabbit and a hedgehog, the rabbit (oddly called 'Poor Pussy') lamenting another round of hunting by humans, the hedgehog urging his friend to 'stick up' for himself and boasting how he 'won't be sat upon by anybody'. In 'The Wonders of the Deep. (From Nature)', a fish is seen tugging a large shell in which sits a large shrimp, the whole arrangement resembling a horse and hansom cab.

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