Punch,  56 (1869), 259.

Ode to Utility (On Mr. Cowper's Commons Preservation Bill)





Environmentalism, Utilitarianism, Industry, Progress, Manufactories, Railways, Architecture, Pollution, Economic Geology, Race, Nationalism, Cultural Geography

    Begins by noting the 'wise servility' with which 'things of beauty' are sacrificed to 'Material utility'. These sacrifices include the machinery which 'Is fast improving scenery', the 'victorious' railways and 'glorious' architecture, the public houses which 'shoot up where bloomed the thorn', and the smoking factory chimneys which replace spires as the objects that point to the sky. Concludes by vowing to work for 'Utility' 'with our whole ability', to swiftly consume the fields and coal measures of 'Old England', and to yield ourselves 'those pleasures to / Pigs which engross and make mankind Chinese'.

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