Punch,  56 (1869), 56.

Whalley's News



Letter, Spoof


Religious Authority, Religion, Faith, Scientific Practitioners

    Discusses the reports in Continental newspapers of the large number of conversions to Catholicism taking place in Britain, including that of the John P Crichton-Stuart (3rd Marquess of Bute). Argues that these reports are false and designed to 'frighten the British Public with the idea that we are rapidly drifting into Popery', since the 'British mind' is easily impressed by the 'virtuous' and 'learned' people who have 'gone over to Rome'. Adds that the 'treacherous contributor' of these reports also understood that the British public would not ask themselves whether 'any such fish had come to the [Catholic] fisherman's net as a Professor Owen, or Tyndall, or Huxley, or a Lord Cairns'.

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