Punch,  56 (1869), 68.

Hints for Conversation  [6/14]



Instructions, Drollery, Serial


Gender, Education, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physiology, Cell Biology, Spectroscopy, Light

    Begins by urging readers to 'Never show ignorance' and explains how to deal with those who hold conversations on music, the sciences, religion, and politics. Advises that 'you probably could not tell the difference between hydrogen and oxygen, and would be puzzled to give an intelligible account of the cause of an eclipse; but for all that, if Miss Cerulia Stocken chooses to enlarge upon Huxley's paper and Tyndall's discourse, upon molecules and protoplasms, spectrum analysis, and "Baily's beads", ordinary politeness, and the remembrance that you belong to the superior sex, should save you from disclosing your ignorance'.

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