Punch,  57 (1869), 97.

The Cry of "No Jennery!"





Vaccination, Medical Treatment, Human Development, Medical Practitioners, Quackery, Nutrition, Statistics

    Discusses a report in The Times of a recent meeting, in London's East End, of the Anti-Vaccination League, where the 'illustrious' Edmond Beales was one of those on the platform. Expresses surprise at Beales's presence at the meeting and discusses the speech of a Mr Stephens of the east London branch of the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League, which ridiculed a man who had been jailed for neglecting to have his child vaccinated. Proceeds to deride another speaker at the meeting—Mr Rymer—for declaring the 'law enforcing vaccination' to be 'repugnant to the British Constitution', without offering a better 'preservative of the British Constitution'. Suggests that Rymer and Beales would replace Edward Jenner's 'discovery' with the quack medicine of James Morison and Thomas Holloway. Speculates on the differences between Holloway and Morison on the subject of vaccination, stressing the different types of medical dissenters, some of whom would substitute vaccination for a diet of 'Delicious Peas-pudding'. Concludes by suggesting that the 'comparative statistics, sustaining the case for vaccination' might as well be posted in such public places as public houses, given how many people are turning to 'medical dissent' on the subject of vaccination.

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