Punch,  57 (1869), 116.

The Foulborough Cattle Plague





Politics, Commerce, Charlatanry, Government, Animal Husbandry, Disease, Sanitation

    Exploiting the parallels between political corruption and the cattle plague, reports that the 'epidemic' continues, 'particularly in the Eastern and Western Counties', and explains that the disease is caused by 'Acarus scabiei', which causes 'an itching palm' that can only be relieved by 'Banker's golden ointment'—i.e. money. Hopes this 'disease of the body politic' will be stamped out by the government, which can be achieved by stopping millionaires with 'political aspirations' from touching 'the Polls' as well as disinfecting the 'Booths to which the Foulborough Cattle are driven'. Explains that the disease 'originate[s] in morbid acquisitiveness'.

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