Punch,  57 (1869), 165.

More Happy Thoughts  [17/37]

[Francis C Burnand]


Diary, Spoof, Serial


Medical Practitioners, Periodicals, Medical Treatment, Homeopathy, Progress

    Describes the narrator's visit to the doctor's surgery, an experience that involves an excessively long wait in the waiting room, during which time he manages to read several volumes of Punch. He finally manages to see the doctor whose solution his rheumatic condition is for the author to travel abroad, and to take baths and waters. The narrator notes that at this moment he thought he should 'Pick up some medical notes' for the physiological portion of his great work, Typical Developments, and accordingly, he discusses with the doctor the application of 'Homeopathic theories' in 'Allopathic practice'. The doctor agrees with the narrator's claim that the 'science of medicine' is 'in a state of change' and that the 'old practices [...] require readaptation to the increasing knowledge of the present day'.


Burnand 1871

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