Punch,  57 (1869), 175.

St. Bartholomew's Under Probe and Scalpel





Hospitals, Medical Treatment, Medical Practitioners, Surgery, Controversy, Disease

    Suggests that St Bartholomew's Hospital, like St Bartholomew himself, is being 'flayed alive' by the discontented doctors who work there. Considers this unsurprising given reports that patients are being 'knocked off' at an alarming rate of 'one-thousand a-day on Monday and Tuesday mornings' by a scanty and inexperienced staff. Argues that 'one cannot wonder' that one of medical officers at the hospital (presumably Dr Mayo) should have 'kicked under such a system', which has damaged the reputation of the hospital and lowered the morale of physicians and surgeons. Concludes by insisting that the 'flaying process' should continue until 'staff, time, and space' are no longer abused, 'proper attention' is given to 'casual and out-patients', and the hospital reforms its constitution.

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