Punch,  57 (1869), 183.

More Happy Thoughts  [18/37]

[Francis C Burnand]


Diary, Spoof, Serial


Mesmerism, Psychology, Human Development, Gas Chemistry

    Describes a party at the house of a character named Milburd, where the narrator meets his friend Cazell, who spends his time smoothing down his trousers and inspecting the results. This 'has evidently a mesmeric effect' upon the narrator and other guests, and the narrator suggests that if Cazell were to continue for 'two hours, he would probably become mesmerically mechanical in his movement, and we should all be fixed staring at him in our chairs'. The narrator makes a note that he must include mesmerism in his 'Typical Developments'. Later he ponders the question of how to 'draw out' a chemist and more specifically, the behaviour of carbolic acid gas.


Burnand 1871

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