Punch,  57 (1869), 215.

To My Beloved Vesta





Zoology, Cell Biology, Evolution, Animal Development, Darwinism, Chemistry, Science Communication, Gender

    Written from the perspective of a bachelor 'Pensive Protoplasm' who tells his beloved Vesta of his birth in 'some pre-historic chasm', and that he and she are nothing more than hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. He also reminds her that animacules, lizard's eggs, and other creatures in 'stagnant water' are their siblings, and that she should not turn her 'coquettish head aside' from ancestors who are nothing to 'boast about'. He tries to console her by explaining that philosophers agree that the origin of protoplasm is 'outside their trade', and concludes by asking her to join their 'protoplasmic bands' in 'Hymen's bands' and spend their 'gay organic life' as husband and wife.

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