Punch,  57 (1869), 81.

The Domestic Missing Link





Domestic Economy, Human Development, Animal Behaviour, Animal Development, Evolution, Race

    Begins by considering the advantages of replacing his 'servant girl' with 'the Missing Link / Which negro binds to monkey'. However, explains that while the anthropoid ape could fulfil this role, the orang-utan, chimpanzee, and gorilla could not. Identifies the 'Missing Link' as a species 'beneath the Sable Moor' and 'Quashee' (a personification of the 'negro' race), but above 'Jocko' (a chimpanzee). Explains the advantages of such an employee: it could ably complete such tasks as cleaning knives and waiting at the table, be able to 'execute our orders' and sustain a 'licking' like a dog, it could be dismissed without the employee being its 'debtor', it would 'Ne'er trouble you for wages', and it would never attract any 'followers' and thus cause complicated 'relations'. Concludes by noting that while 'The nigger is a sort of man', the author wants a slave who will not be made 'a man and a brother' and has sense without a soul 'behind it'.

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